Bed Bugs Treatment With Natural Cures


When first hatched, bed bugs are of the size of poppy seeds. But as they grow, they can reach up to a length of around 1 inch and an oval-flattened shape. Their color comes mainly from consuming blood.

So, at first, at birth, they are whitish in color, but as they grow, their color changes from lightly tanned to deep brown and then to deep orange. The bed bugs can be found ‘living’ in rooms, which normally is used for sleeping. They feast on their host during the night, and at around the dawn time, they get livelier; as they go retreating to their hiding spots. A room with an excess of furniture, will only help them get more ‘hiding places’. Bed bugs normally nest in the places of frequent use. Firstly, here are some ways/methods to help stop/control the bed bug infestation.


Purchase mattress covers or encasement. Remove your bedding and other soft furnishings, and cover them with plastic bag/bags or covers. This helps in preventing the spread of bugs to other parts of the house/ building. Try to wash/launder the bedding (when doing so) in high-temperature water.


If you don’t want pesticides on your mattresses, it’s advised to vacuum the bedding and then to dispose of the vacuum bag in a tight-sealed garbage bag. Bed bugs may be the victims of vacuuming, but their eggs, being sticky, will not be removed by vacuuming. Also vacuum all the furniture in the rooms and each & every room as a whole.

Being Careful

Be careful when bringing any second hand used mattresses or bedding to home. Check properly, before bringing home. Clear and clean all the noticeable holes and cracks. Notice and find out carefully, what places the bugs might be nesting in.

Now Let’s See Some Steps To Eradicate Bed Bugs Naturally:

Bed bugs can live through a temperature of a bout 100 degree Celsius, and can even starve to the limits of one full year. In addition to cockroaches, this is another pest which just fails to take defeat lightly! There are some techniques, which may be used as a homely answer to the bed bugs but their extinction is never guaranteed. If possible, and if the department is near, inform the Pest control; it’s always best to leave things like this to the professionals.


Herbs have answer to almost any problem. Likewise, you may try spraying thyme, tea tree, lavender, or eucalyptus on the bedding, clothing and the places where the family sleeps.


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Just imagine; the drink which intoxicates human will be used to get rid of a pest! Alcohol may not be a potent ‘Bed bug destroyer’ but it will kill the bugs if sprayed on directly.

Natural Insecticides

There’s a fat chance you guys might not be trying this, in hearing the name of insecticides; but some desperate fellow will. Insecticides containing canola oil and pyrethrins, may act as a temporary cure for bed bug infestation. But this remedy might not be enough. On its application, the natural pesticide may make the bed bugs ineffective, but the pyrethrin breaks down quickly and is unable to wipe out the whole population.

Heat Of The Sun

The sun’s heat is specially recommended as the sun ray is proved to kill germs and harmful bacteria. So every once in a while, when the sun is up and glaring down at you, try hanging the beddings outside to get it bathed in the sun. In the countries where the temperature goes up pretty steep, this method is applied very much.


If you had a pest control department visit your house, or nearby, you must have noticed that they use steam to treat the bed bug infestation, in beddings and other furniture. One may use the steam cleaners to wash, or take care, of the bed mattresses.


It’s very usual to see that the heat is the ‘enemy’ of bed bugs, as extreme heat and cold is known to kill germs (refrigerators for example). Try putting the beddings and other clothing in the dryer for a certain span of time. Make this a weekly or monthly routine. An average dryer emits heat of around 140-180 degree (in low, medium and high heat for about 5 minutes).

Boric Acid

The use of boric acid is a much more powerful cure and prevention. To remove, or to make sure that the bed bugs don’t thrive under your beddings and in your room, spread the boric acid in the places which they might ‘visit’ or infest, especially in the holes and cracks, and in the deep dark corners of piles of furniture.


As known by many, and not to some, neem serves a variety of purposes. And you’d be delighted to find out that it can also be used to kill the little ‘Count Dracula.’ If you have a concentrated solution, dilute it by adding ½ teaspoon of soap and 1 to 4 oz of water. Now take it in a spray bottle and spray over the areas of bedding or sheets you want de-contaminated. Try using neem or its solution, in whatever ways you can or on whatever surface you like, to contain the bed bug infestation. It works.

You now have the proper weaponry to fight against the bed bugs. Prevention and protection aside also get yourself informed about the natural cures if you get the bed bug bite eventually. Appliance of Mud is perhaps the oldest technique, and it soothes the bed bug bites. Mix powdered clay (white) with herbal tea and mud to get optimum results.


The application of starch (like arrowroot powder, mallow root, or rice grain, etc.) may also serve to ease the itch and pain.


Herbal leaves, like that of maple, willow, oak, etc. serves nicely in the treatment of bed bug bites. Sometimes, herbs, chewed and placed on the bites, too help in curing the bites.

In case of bed bugs, prevention is definitely better than cure. Apply the few prevention steps provide and pray that the bed bugs aren’t there. Keep the rooms clean, especially the ones you sleep in, and try not to pile up furniture in one place.