Bed Sores Treatment With Natural Cures

Bed sores, also called pressure sores or pressure ulcers, are hurting ulcers of the skin that develops when steady pressure on a definite part of the body closes down the blood vessels, causing lack of nourishment of that part of the skin.

This damage that has been formed appears on the surface of the skin as red dark patch. With the progress of the bed sores, the skin breaks down to form blisters and slowly but steadily infects the underlying bones, tissues as well as the joints.

The surface at most times does not show the extent of damage and the real damage is found beneath the skin. Bed sores are mostly found to occur among the elderly persons who have been bed-ridden for quite a long period of time due to severe illness, paralysis, accidental injury, disability or age. Bed sores can be totally cured. They are both treatable as well as preventable.

There are a number of ways for bed sores treatment. Several theories help to prevent as well as treat bed sores:

Massaging: The circulation of the blood within the body can be increased with the help of body massage or skin massage. This not only enhances the strength of the blood vessels but also the tissues and the joints that make up the body.

Dry skin: Moisture is the greatest ally of bed sores and is the most dangerous and disastrous for the skin. With the occurrence of bed sores, the utmost need of the sufferer is to keep the skin dry and then keep the body free from moisture.

Nutrition: Diet is the most effective part of the body. A healthy diet can easily fight this condition of the body and restore the body to normalcy. Lack of vitamins and proteins make the patient suffer much more. A healthy diet must comprise of Vitamin A, C, B, E along with zinc and iron, which helps to fight off bed sores.

Herbal treatment: Herbal products like aloe vera, gels, creams and ointments help to fight off bed sores and work to restore normalcy to the part of the affected skin.