Bed Sores Treatment

Most of us are unaware of the fact that the bed sore can be extremely dangerous and in fact life threatening one if it is not treated at the early stages. It is also very painful ailment and occurs mostly to the individuals who have been bed ridden for a long period of time.

The skin does not get the necessary room that is required for breathing due to the person’s inability to move around. Since, these sufferers spend the majority of their days on the wheel chair or on bed; it leads to the gradual detoriation of the largest organ of the body and thereby bed sore.

The fundamental cause of the ailment is therefore confinement to bed for a large period of time, moisture that is caused from the friction of the bed sheets as well as body sweats, etc  However there are a lot of ways by which bed sores can be treated and here are some of them:

Moisture: Accumulation of moisture is one of the first and foremost causes of bed sores. These moistures are accumulated with the sweating of the patient. Hence the individuals suffering from the condition need to be kept clean and free from moisture.

Rub all the parts of the body with the help of a soft dry towel as and when necessary so that the moisture is not accumulated at any part of the body for a long period of time. Powder can be applied to all the body area to prevent the individual from sweating.

Self treatment: The first and foremost sign of bed sore is the red inflamed and puffed up marks on the skin. If these areas have already broken out, then proper care must given and lots of attention needs to be paid so as to ease the chief discomforts linked with these problems.

One needs to lessen and decrease the pressure on the concerned areas of the body. Those areas need to be kept dry and clean. In case the condition worsens, bandages and dressings need to be applied so as to heal that part of the body.