Benefits and Ideas for a Quick and Healthy Breakfast

We are all aware of the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast daily; yet it is a known fact that 53% of adults start the day without breakfast. One of the reasons stated for skipping the most important meal of the day is a hectic schedule in the morning. This leads to binging on unhealthy snacks throughout the day and in turn this leads to weight gain and heart related disorders.

Breakfast is the fuel that the body requires after the long rest during the night. A fiber rich breakfast helps to regulate metabolic activity in the body and this helps to sustain sugar and energy levels till lunch time. If you are the kind of person who does not have time for breakfast in the morning then I have a few suggestions that will help you to maintain your weight and prevent weight gain and obesity.

Oatmeal with a few berries added to it is the perfect breakfast option. It is quick to make and is rich in fiber. This helps to keep hunger pangs at bay as well as helps to regulate bowel movements.

Wheat pancakes or waffles are also a good option. You can prepare them in advance and freeze them. Use a toaster to heat up the required amount every day. I recommend staying away from syrup; you can have peanut butter or honey instead.

Buy a pack of muffins and store them in the freezer and then heat them in the microwave as you need them. You must buy those that use natural sweeteners instead of ones that are prepared with sugar.

French toast made with whole wheat bread and honey as a topping is also a good option for breakfast. The whole bread will help to keep your hunger pangs away for a few hours while the honey will help to increase your immunity.

If you have a really hectic schedule in the morning and have no time to prepare your breakfast then have a peanut butter sandwich with a fruit. A banana with a few slices bread is also considered to be healthy for breakfast. These options also satisfy your craving for sugar.

All these breakfast options are loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals. These help to control your weight by maintaining your digestive system and your metabolism. Add fruit to your breakfast as they are water based and they also prevent sugar cravings throughout the day.

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