Benefits Of Aromatherapy To Heal Stress

Benefits Of Aromatherapy To Heal Stress

Aromatherapy is the method of using a mixture of essential and carrier oils for the healing of various stress and tensions of the individuals. These essential oils are made from the different parts of the various herbs. The aroma of these herbs effectively works on the minds of the individuals so as to relieve the stress, strain and various ailments from the mind and body of these persons. A huge number of individuals rely on different drugs to get relief from stress and strain of the day to day life.

These individuals are totally unaware that minds of the human beings can work better than drugs. Aromatherapy is the method by which the essence of different plants works on the minds of the individuals and provides relief to varied stresses and ailments that mainly originate from human minds.


Aromatherapy is extremely popular as a tool that helps to provide relief from the stress and strain of our daily life. This accepted method goes straight into the limbic system of our body right past the conscious brain. The limbic system is the place where the mechanisms of the human body which control our emotions as well as the physical response reside.

In aromatherapy, massage is conducted with the blending of two or more essential oils. But the fragrance of single essential oil can also help to alleviate stress like lavender essential oil. This oil can be used directly on to the body.

The wonderful aroma of this herb is extremely beneficial in the relieving of anxiety and trauma and aids in relaxing the individuals. Besides lavender, the essence of jasmine and vanilla are also admired all around the globe for their calming effect on the minds of the people. The aroma of the herbs of both jasmine and lavender work wonders at helping one to sleep.


There is no necessity of massaging the essential oils in the body to get relief from stress and anxiety. Just pour a few drops of these essential oils in a tissue paper and carry them with you wherever you go. Sniff this tissue paper whenever you feel anxious and stressed. It helps to calm you down.