Benefits of Bergamot Oil

The use of essential oils to treat ailments and as a beauty aids was stated by the Egyptians. These people stated using the natural plant extracts in food preparations and to heal common ailments and that is how Aromatherapy was born. Most essential oils have several lucrative powers and among such oils is bergamot. It comes from a citrus fruit that originates in Italy.

The oil has several uses. Take for example its use as an aphrodisiac. Blend a few drops of bergamot oil with coriander, rose, jasmine and sandalwood oil. Use these essential oils with a carrier oil like almond and add it to a diffuser or dab drops of the blend on your pillow and bed sheet to have a passionate night with your partner. This blend is available in most honeymoon suites in well known places and at spas.

Bergamot is a welcoming fragrance. It is normally used in hallways and places where guests enter from to create a warm welcoming feeling.

Added to a warm bath it helps to reduce muscle tension and therefore helps to reduce anxiety and stress.

If you are suffering from acidity then you must inhale the fumes of bergamot to get instant relief. Simply pour a few drops in a bowl of boiling water and you will experience relief within a few minutes.

If you suffer from acne or are prone to it; you must get a facial steam that is laced with traces of bergamot oil. Add a few drops of the oil to the water that you are using to steam your face and you will be acne free for days.

Mix bergamot oil with lemon oil and lime juice and use it in a burner to get rid of any foul odor. You can use it during winter to get rid of the damp smell in the house.