Benefits of Dark Chocolate On Your Teeth, Brains and Heart

We are all aware of the fact that chocolate has several adverse results on ones health; however dark chocolate has the exact opposite reaction. Dark chocolate is pure and unprocessed and it is a good source of anti oxidants and flavonoids.The anti oxidants boost the immune system and they help to lower the risk of diseases and illnesses by boosting the health of the immune system. Flavonoids increase the strength of the blood vessels and the tissues.

Benefits of dark chocolate on the brain

Dark chocolate contains cocoa in the purest form. This helps to increase the blood flow to the brain. Eating the chocolate even in the smallest portion will help to increase the flow of blood; this prevents dementia and heart strokes. Adding dark chocolate to milk and drinking the formula helps to boost brain activity for a period of 3 to 4 hours.

Benefits to the heart

A recent research states that a person who eats a piece of dark chocolate regularly was lesser likely to die of a heart related disorder. Those who have suffered from a heart attack and eat chocolate regularly are lesser likely to have a second attack.

Benefits to the skin

The flavonoids in the chocolate protect the skin from the harmful ultra violet rays and thereby prevent sun damage. The chocolate also helps to prevent sun tans and premature aging as a result of sun damage. Those who eat dark chocolate regularly show lesser signs of sun spots and liver spots on their skin.

Benefits to the teeth

Certain compounds present in the chocolate help to harden the tooth enamel and this helps to prevent cavities and tooth decay.

Although there are benefits to eating dark chocolate one must remember that it is also a source of fats and sugar and hence it must be consumed in small portions. Eating it in large portions will reduce the benefits of the chocolate as well as increases the risk of obesity and diabetes.