Benefits Of Green Tea On Your Health And Skin

There are a lot of magazines and health experts advising you to switch to green tea and make it a part of your daily diet. Chinese have been drinking green tea since ancient times and have used it to help various health conditions. Today, most people are aware that green is healthy, but probably don’t know ‘how’. Here is some information that will help you to understand the benefits of this herbal wonder.

One of the most popular reasons to drink green tea is weight loss, which in itself is the biggest health benefit as there are many health conditions which result from excess body weight. Of course this has to be combined with healthy eating habits. If you eat junk food everyday and then drink green tea, it is not going to do you any good. Green tea is like an added supplement to your healthy diet to speed weight loss. It also helps boost the metabolism. This is very safe and natural as compared to diet pills which could have chemicals or other ingredients which could be harmful.

Green tea also helps lower the bad cholesterol levels and thus helps maintain a healthy heart. Some studies have proved that it reduces the risk of cancer as well.

If you have binged and gone overboard with a meal on one particular day, try sipping a few cups of green tea to help indigestion.

Green tea is rich in anti oxidants, which help cleanse your body from within. This results in healthy looking skin. People with acne can see positive results if they consume green tea regularly as it helps clear out the skin. It also shows positive results to delay the onset of wrinkles and sagging skin. Look for evidence around you, Chinese people have good skin!

Drinking green tea regularly can also protect and repair your skin from within and help repair sun damage. The used tea bags can be put in the freezer and used as eye pads to control dark circles and relieve your tired eyes from puffiness. Try squeezing the tea bag and soak a cotton pad with the excess water and wipe your face with it, this can be a good face toner.

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