Benefits Of Potassium

Potassium is one of the important minerals in our body. It contributes almost 5% of the total minerals in our body. It is very important to have sufficient amount of potassium in our body to remain physically and mentally healthy. It is found both in inner and outer cells of our body.


Other important mineral found in our body include calcium, sodium and chloride. All these are essential for a proper functioning of all our body organs. Any deficiency of these mineral in our body can lead to irregularities and health complications.

Benefits Of Potassium In Various Diseases

Potassium is necessary component for converting glucose into glycogen and for providing energy to the body. It also helps in proper functioning of body organs like nervous system, digestive system, heart etc. Cardiovascular health requires a proper amount of potassium in the body. It pumps out the excess sodium from the body cells and therefore is responsible for reducing the body fluid.


It also helps in regulating the blood pressure. For the treatment of disorders like acne, kidney stone, allergies, burns, fatigue, alcoholism etc potassium is very helpful. It helps in maintain proper sugar balance in the body and in proper functioning of adrenal gland.

blood pressure

Potassium deficiency in our body can lead to the problems like muscle and bone weakness, dry skin, cramping of legs, fatigue, irregular heartbeat etc. It also increases the acid level of the body which leads to a number of other health complications.

dry skin

A deficiency of potassium can result into the improper functioning of heart and in some cases it results into heart failure. There are various medications available in the market to increase the potassium level. However, long term consumption of these medications can lead to other health complications.


If you smoke, you should take care of intake of potassium because you need extra potassium. If you drink alcohol, you potassium level should be higher than normal. Taking oral contraceptive pill increases requirement of potassium in women. Athletes also require higher potassium content in their body.


Consumption of tomatoes, oranges, sunflower seeds, almonds, chicken and peaches increases potassium level in the body. Consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables also helps in maintaining the required level of potassium in our body. If you feel potassium level of your body is low, you are advised to consult a doctor.