Benefits of right seating posture

Perfect sitting posture is vital for all individuals. One must understand the basic needs of an individual to sit in a proper way.  One can suffer from a number of health problems due to the wrong sitting postures like neck pain, lower back pain, headache, shoulder pain, digestive problems, breathing difficulties, eye strain, affects blood circulation, burning between the shoulder blades and so on.Neck pain: A balanced sitting posture where the head is positioned over the spine can alleviate the neck pain. The neck pain is the muscular pain. The basics of good neck posture depend largely on the posture of the foot. Another vital reason of neck pain is not paying attention to the work habits. One should stay ergonomically balanced if he has to sit in front of the computer or does any other work sitting all day.

Lower back pain: Sitting back pain is a common complaint for chronic lower back pain patients. Lower back pain conditions are aggravated by very long periods of seated posture. One must not sit at a place for a long time without getting up to stretch occasionally. One must find a chair that suits best as per his/ her needs and sitting on which one can feel relaxed. Another important thing that needs to be paid attention is that while sitting, one must not slouch. All these aspects, if taken care of, can eliminate lower back pain to a great extent.

Headache: Headache also known as cervicogenic headache generally originates from the neck. The basic cause of this headache is poor sitting posture, muscle tightness, muscle weakness, muscle imbalances, stress, and inappropriate desk setup and so on. Right postural exercise and physiotherapy are some of the ways to prevent this headache.

Shoulder pain: With the computer monitor too close or too far away, chair too low, work surface too high, incorrect sitting posture, sitting in one position too long are some of the reasons of shoulder pain. One must not sit at one place too long without getting up. Small stretching exercises needs to be done at regular intervals to prevent shoulder pain.

Ergonomic seat: Right alignment leads to improved health. Good posture is posing of good health, strength and dynamism. An ergonomic seat is the better answer to all people whose work requires long hours of sitting so as to help their bodies to educate on how to sit straight. It also forces the spine into right position, educating the body to hold onto it by releasing the tension.