Benefits of Wormwood Oil

Wormwood or green ginger as it is often known is not a very harmless plant. In fact it was used to add taste and increase narcotic effect of Absinthe, an alcoholic drink that has been banned now.

But all toxins have some medicinal value if they are used in a sensible way and it has been seen that more toxic the extracts, more are their medicinal value. Wormwood oil also falls into this category and it is recommended that it should not be used for long or in large doses. Be extremely careful in using this essential oil.

The uses of essential oil of wormwood are many. It is cholagogue, insecticide and vermifuge, tonic, narcotic, a killer of microbes and a deodorant. But these are only few of the many benefits. A more detailed look will explain the matter.

Wormwood promotes discharges. It stimulates bile discharge which in turn helps to break down food and regularize digestion. This bile also helps in combating acidity and ulcers resulting from the acidity.

The property of stimulating discharge also helps in restarting obstructed menstrual discharge and saves many women from developing secondary problems like tumors and cancer in future. It also helps to get rid of problems like headache, nausea, fatigue, abdominal cramps, etc.

Wormwood oil is very effective in getting rid of worms. The toxicity of the oil kills parasitic worms like roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm, etc. The real beneficiaries are the children who are the common victims of worm infestation.

Like the parasites inside the body, the insects around us also fall victim to the toxicity of wormwood oil and that is the reason why it is used as an insecticide in sprays and vaporizers. The oil also acts as a good remedy in bacterial and viral infections.

The narcotic effect of wormwood oil is used for treatment of convulsions, epileptic attacks, hysteria, stress, tension and also insomnia. Another use of the essential oil of wormwood is as a tonic. Due to its influence on the digestive system and the discharge of various hormones and enzymes in the body, it helps in the proper functioning of the body.

Wormwood oil is also used to treat ailments and disorders like anorexia, anemia, jaundice, etc.


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