Best Aging Skin Care

Best Skin Care for Aging Skin As you walk through rows of cosmetic products and anti aging formulas which promise to help you look younger and more radiant, you are bound to get confused and start wondering about whether they would really work well on your fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, age spots and circles under the eyes.

Under the circumstance, it becomes important to just take a step back and think about the products which provide the best aging skin care.

Important Products For Aging Skin

A Good Moisturizing Lotion Or Cream

Regardless of all the different products available in the market today, you must remember that your aging skin needs to be protected and taken care of with just 2-3 essential products-a cleanser, moisturizer and a sunscreen.

As the skin on your face is different from that on the other parts of the body, you may have to choose different products to take care of the oiliness on your nose or the dryness on the upper part of your hands.

Moisturizing Lotion Or Cream

Whatever the nature or type of your skin, use non alkaline and non soap based products, as they prove to be delicate on the aging skin and do not strip away the natural oils – leaving the skin tight and dry.

The Importance Of Proper Moisturizing For Aging Skin

Hydration And Maintaining Suppleness

Contrary to popular belief, oily skin also requires adequate moisturizing to keep it supple and hydrated. If you happen to have a skin type that continues to remain oily even as you age, remember to invest in an oil free moisturizer.

Retaining The Ph Balance

You skin needs to be moisturized to retain its normal PH balance after a bath or wash. Those with dry skins need heavier moisturizers, which are generally cream based in nature.

The thicker portions of the body such as the area on the knees, heels and elbows are prone to drying and need extra care and moisturizing as well.

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The Role Of Sunscreen For Dry And Wrinkled Skin

By pulling away the natural moisturizer from the surface, the ultra violet rays of the sun causes your skin to become dry and wrinkled. It therefore becomes very important to use a moisturizer which contains a sunscreen to ward off the harmful effects of direct sunlight on the aging skin.

Apply an Effective Sunscreen Lotion

Experts usually recommend a minimum of SPF 15 , but those of you who are exposed to higher intensities of sunlight should go in for a stronger sunscreen based moisturizer or lotion for better effects. Wearing hats, appropriate headgear and keeping the skin free from the harmful effects of chlorinated water during swimming and extra perspiration, also helps in preventing faster aging of the skin.

Beauty Sleep And Relaxation

Apart from cutting down on alcohol consumption and smoking, proper relaxation and sleep also slows down the aging process of the skin.

Beauty Sleep And Relaxation

Music based relaxation techniques, walking, mixing with friends and family members and other simple remedies such as aromatherapy and yoga, also help in relaxing the tissues under the skin and thus helping in reducing the aging process.