8 Home Remedies For Itchy Throat


8 Remedies For Itchy Throat

Itchy throat is a common problem faced by many people due to pollution or allergies to dust or an inflammation. The itchy throat then leads to cough and sometimes to sore throat. At such times the itchy throat is also followed by symptoms like running nose, itching eyes, difficulty in speaking and difficulty in swallowing food. If such situation occurs then inflammation will be spread very soon.

You have to take immediate actions while encountering itchy throat or otherwise it leads to complicated situations. Itchy throat can be treated immediately by easy home remedies.

Best Cures For An Itchy Throat

Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea For Itchy Throat

Herbal tea can be made simply at home. Make a full cup of herbal tea and drink it at regular intervals. Do not drink it too hot allow it to cool a little and then have it. It is highly recommended in cooler areas as this will relieve the itchy throat very effectively. Make sure that the tea you consume does not have teine.


Always use a humidifier when going to sleep. This will reduce the discomfort of sore throat. You will feel really better while breathing this moist air while sleeping. You should arrange the humidifier very close to your bed and go to sleep.

Humidifier For Itchy Throat

Antibiotic or an Anti Cough Syrup

If you consistently have this problem and not able to do your office work peacefully then it is highly recommended that you take a teaspoon of an antibiotic or an anti cough syrup before going to bed.

Anti Cough Syrup For Itchy Throat

Drink Filtered Water

Want to get immediate relief from itchy throat then drink plenty of water, filtered water. Within minutes you can feel the difference and you will feel highly relieved. Just carry filtered water with you where ever you go that will prevent aggressiveness of itchy throat and cough.

Drink Filtered Water For Itchy Throat

Avoid Cold Drinks

Be careful about the drinks and the food you eat. When you have running nose or itchy throat always avoid drinking cold drinks and ice creams. If you have these kind of food it will even worsen your situation.

Avoid Cold Drinks For Itchy Throat

Faster Medication

Generally the major reason for itchy throat is dry air.There are thousands of medications for sore and itchy throat. It is advisable to take medicine which has decongestant such as Allegra-D which will help you reduce the itchiness in throat and within seconds you will feel better.

Faster Medication For Itchy Throat

Limit Outdoor Activities

This itchy throat is caused often in spring time. So in the early morning in spring time limit your outdoor activities. At this time you will fall ill mostly due to allergies.

Limit Outdoor Activities For Itchy Throat

Sleep Well

Have a deep sleep and take complete rest for two days and then you will get rid of sore throat, scratchy throat and itchy throat. Drink plenty of water and if you need you can also take lemon tea.

I am sure that these very simple home remedies will help you get rid of your itchy and scratchy that problems instantly and in a natural way. Try this out!

Sleep Well For Itchy Throat