Best Home Remedies For High Blood Cholesterol


Cholesterol is an important component in the body. Cholesterol is synthesized in the liver which looks like yellowish fatty material that can carry out the functioning like defense mechanism, fat transportation, and protection of red blood corpuscles and muscular membrane of the body. The diet contributes about 30 percent of body cholesterol and the rest of the cholesterol is synthesized in the liver. The presence of high cholesterol content will result in heart attacks.


Cholesterol can also be supplied through the food. The usual levels of cholesterol in blood ranges between 150 to 200mg per 100ml of blood. The increase in cholesterol will lead to its higher levels in the blood. The high cholesterol levels lead to symptoms like sweating excessively, discomfort, breathing difficulty and heavy chest. Some of the home remedies that are used for managing high cholesterol are mentioned here.

Useful Home Remedies For High Blood Cholesterol


Little of garlic has to be added into a glass of milk and boiled. This mixture is cooled and can be taken. If this decoction is taken for a few days then it is capable of decreasing the cholesterol levels. This remedy is also helpful in managing the cardiac problems. Garlic is available in the market as whole food item or in the form of supplement or in the form of spicy powder.

Garlic is capable to reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood as it has the property of blood thinning. The blood thinning agents will decrease the risks that might lead to heart diseases. Eating one piece of garlic every day is suggested by most of the doctors. Those who cannot bear the smell of garlic can take capsules thrice a day which consist of 900mg of garlic powder.


Food Items Rich In Lecithin

Taking foods that are high in lecithin like vegetable oils, soya beans, egg yolk, whole grain cereals and unpasteurized milk are found to be efficient in decreasing the high cholesterol levels. The people having high cholesterol should also have fruits that are rich in fiber such as blackberries, broccoli, strawberries, green beans and raspberries and so on.


Olive Oil

Olive oil has the ability to lower the LDL levels when it is used in the place of saturated fat in the diet. It is evaluated that people who use olive oil regularly will have lower risks for heart disease.

The people who take nearly two tablespoons or about 25ml of virgin olive oil every day for a period of one week will have their LDL cholesterol oxidized very less and antioxidant substances like phenols to be higher in the blood.

olive oil

Artichoke Leaf

The synthesis of cholesterol in the human body can be restricted by the use of artichoke leaf extract. The artichokes will possess the compounds known as cynarin which is found to enhance the synthesis of bile in the liver and fasten the bile flow from the gallbladder.

These two processes will enhance the cholesterol excretion. It is estimated that intake of 1800milligrams of the extract made from artichoke leaf daily for a period of six weeks will diminish the total cholesterol levels by 18.5percent as well as LDL cholesterol levels by 22.9percent.



There are several research studies indicating the effectiveness of oatmeal in reducing the serum cholesterol levels. The possible reason for the oatmeal to reduce cholesterol levels is due to the soluble fiber as its ingredient.

The researchers hypothesize that the sticky property of the fiber is responsible for lowering the cholesterol. It is a belief that cholesterol will be carried away by the fiber in the intestine outside of the digestive tract.