Best Home Remedies For Incontinence


Incontinence basically implies the inability of a person to hold back-whether urine or stools, thus categorizing it into bladder and fecal incontinence respectively.

Bladder or urinary incontinence may occur due to a number of different causes, leading ultimately to the inability to hold back the urine in the bladder, resulting in dripping of urine involuntarily.


Though there exists medical treatment for this condition, it is best treated in the natural way. Listed below are a few home remedies that help control and manage  bladder incontinence.

Remedies for Incontinence

Cranberry Juice

Both cranberry and grape juice help control urinary incontinence by killing the bacteria in the bladder that cause urinary tract infection and preventing their further growth.

Since women are much more likely to fall prey to urinary incontinence, mostly because of physical stress of childbirth and strain on the pelvic muscles, they should make it a point to include more grapes, cranberries and apples in your diet.



Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is extremely important as it helps the brain and the immune system function properly. However, water also plays an important role in treating urinary incontinence that takes place due to urinary tract infection. Drinking more water helps flush out the bacteria and reduce inflammation thus treating incontinence.

drink water

Baking Soda

Out of the 13 million Americans that suffer incontinence every year, more than 68% have experienced relief after having a glass of water with baking soda. This drink calms the inflammation and helps reduce bacterial growth in the ladder by making the bladder environment inhospitable and facilitates the flushing away of the dead bacteria.

baking soda


Vinegar, being alkaline in nature, helps neutralize the acidic nature of the bladder. The neutralization kills most of a bacteria and prevents the growth of the few that are alive.

Apple cider vinegar also works well in reducing the symptoms of incontinence.


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Kegal Exercises

Pelvic muscle exercises or Kegal exercises are also a great home remedy to prevent involuntary dripping of urine while coughing and/ or sneezing. For people who smoke, Kegal exercises may help reduce the effects of nicotine, which irritates the bladder and causes the bladder muscles to become weaker.


Fiber-Rich Diet

Constipation puts a strain on your sphincter muscles, which accelerates incontinence. Eating fiber-rich foods, fresh fruits and vegetables adds bulk to your stools which makes it easy for it to get expelled, thus putting lesser stress on your pelvic muscles and reducing the chances of bladder incontinence.


Lose Weight

Recent studies suggest that extra fat in the abdominal region puts a pressure on the bladder, stressing the pelvic muscles and causing a greater risk of incontinence. Moderate exercise and controlled diet help you lose weight and gradually relieve you of your incontinence problem.

Apart from these, adapting a healthy lifestyle also helps in reducing the occurrence of incontinence. Less stress and reducing the consumption of spicy foods has shown improvement among many. Avoid foods like chili, tomatoes, curry powder, fizzy drinks and caffeine that irritate the bladder leading to this loss in bladder control.