Best Home Remedies For Migraine


According to the statistics given by the Fox News, in the American population of 30 million, three people out of every four were found to be suffering from migraine. Headache or migraine headache have become just common these days.


As there are several reasons for the headache to be initiated, the people who suffer from headache tend to consider treatment almost every day. There are many home remedies that have come out to reduce the pain due to migraine and other type of headaches. Some of the home remedies for headache are mentioned here.

Useful Home Remedies For Migraine

Buck Wheat

It is beneficial for using as home remedy for migraine pain or headache. The medicinal action of these seeds is due to the presence of a flavonoid called Rutin. Flavonoids are chemicals that are present in plants which possess antioxidant properties. The cell damage is reduced by these chemicals.

buck wheat

Lavender Oil

Lavender has a very beautiful odour and is specifically known to solve migraine pain. The lavender oil has to be applied topically or inhaled. For three cups of boiling water, two to three drops of lavender oil can be added to get the vapours from it.

These vapours can be inhaled to get relief from headache. Lavender oil need not be diluted while applying it topically on the body and it works as an excellent home remedy for headaches. This oil should not be consumed orally.

Lavender oil

Flax Seed

Sometimes inflammation causes headache that can be reduced by taking omega 3 fatty acids. The relief from headache can be provided by flax seed as it is found to be rich in omega 3 fatty acids. The flax seed can be beneficial as home remedy in the form of oil or as griound seeds or as whole seeds.


Peppermint Oil

This plant oil is considered to be giving smoothening effect on the headaches that are caused due to stress and pressures. This oil smells afresh always and has the properties of vasodilation as well as vasoconstriction.

These two mechanisms will manage the flow of blood into the body. The headache is usually caused due to the poor flow of blood and the peppermint oil will help in expanding and contracting the vessels. The sinuses are also opened properly to allow the oxygen to enter into the blood stream.


Basil Oil

Basil is the herb that gives out very strong scent and is used for garnishing the pastas and pizzas. Basil oil tastes good and smells very well. Basil oil home remedy will act as an efficient natural treatment for headache. Basil oil functions for relaxation of muscles and is beneficial for causing the stress.


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Diet Changes

The migraine headache or any type of headache can be reduced by making some alterations in the diet. Some food items are found to show impact on the intensity of headache, frequency of it and the migraine pain such as peanut butter, chocolate, dairy and some fruits like banana, avocado and citrus.

Some more food items that influence the headache are onions, meat with nitrate, foods comprising of monosodium glutamate and tyramine, and fermented foods or pickles. All these can trigger headache.


Scalp Massage

One of the efficient methods of reducing the migraine pain is massaging of the scalp. A research study in Brazil has revealed that performing massage on the occipital nerve present in the back side of the head below the skull will help in decreasing the pain.

Massage, normally is considered as a beneficial way of eliminating the headache at home. It is specifically useful in relaxing the reflex points present in the feet and hands.