4 Home Remedies For Torn Ligament


4 Remedies For Torn Ligament

One will be amazed to come in terms with the fact that it is possible to heal torn ligaments by opting for home remedies. Torn ligaments can affect different portions of one’s body including fingers, knees and ankles.

There are a number of herbal supplements that can prove to be beneficial in treating torn ligaments. The herbal supplements act as superb pain relievers and can fasten the healing process to a great extent. Devil’s claw and glucosamine are some common supplements that can help to treat torn ligaments in an appropriate and fast manner.

Best Home Treatment For Torn Ligament

Compression and Exercise

Exercise For Torn Ligament

Compression is yet another well-known home treatment that can help to heal torn ligaments. Compression can help in minimizing swelling and provide appropriate protection from further injury. Cold compress is another home therapy that can help to prevent injury and swelling.

Exercise can be practiced by patients who are on the verge of recovery. Torn ligaments that are over two months old can be strengthened by practicing light exercises. It is judicious to stop exercises whenever one experiences pain. A balanced and gentle exercise program can prove to be useful in helping one to gain desired mobility and strength. It is a fact worth mentioning that rest assumes equal significance as do exercises.

Application of Ice

One of the best home treatments for torn ligaments is the application of ice. Ice is considered to be a fast and efficient type of treatment available for treating torn ligaments. Application of ice is essential in minimizing internal bleeding, inflammation and inappropriate swelling.

Ice For Torn Ligament

It is recommended to apply ice on the swelling portion for a period of 15 minutes. There can be no denying the fact that application of continuous ice therapy can prove to be useful in helping one to achieve relief from pain.


It is advised to take turmeric so as to achieve relief from torn ligament swelling and inflammation.

Intake of 500 mg of turmeric can reduce ligament swelling and inflammation as well. It is always a recommended option to consume herb a minimum three times a day.

Turmeric For Torn Ligament

Horsetail Home Remedy

One of the best herbal home remedies available is known as horsetail. Horsetail is a perfect home remedy that mainly consists of vital nutrients including silicon, manganese and potassium.

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Silicon present in horsetail is considered to be effective in improving the condition of connective tissues and ligaments. It is recommended to take horsetail minimum 4 cups daily. One can consume horsetail in a fashion similar to that of drinking tea.

Horsetail For Torn Ligament

In-order to ensure safe healing of the torn ligaments it is necessary to take adequate nutritional supplements as well. Nutritional supplements that have anti-inflammatory property should be consumed. Bromelain is a nutritional supplement that can prove to be helpful in treating torn ligaments properly.

It is recommended to take 500 mg of Bromelain a minimum 4 times a day. It is necessary to take Bromelain supplements in an empty stomach so as to ensure proper digestion. Zinc supplements are also considered to be helpful in fastening the healing process. The above-mentioned home treatments can prove to be helpful if taken in an appropriate and timely manner.

Remedies For Torn Ligament