5 Natural Cures To Depression


Depression can start at anytime and in anybody. There are therapies and medications but self help is the best way to fight with the depression. Medicine can cure depression but it is only temporary. If you use these medicines for a long time, you will soon get addicted to these medicines and in the long run you will be more depressed then ever before. So it is best to cure depression naturally. You need a strong will power, and also you need to change your lifestyle and diet to get rid of depression.

Natural Cures To Depression

Causes of depression can be many – tension in family life, tension in work place, lacking in adjustment power, diseases like hypothyroidism or anemia, side effects of certain medication, and so on. This article will help you to overcome depression easily and naturally.

 Natural Treatments For Depression

Regular Exercises

The best way to get rid of depression is to do vigorous exercises. Exercises help to increase the level of adrenalin and make us active. Half an hour walking in the morning helps to rejuvenate our mind. Ask your partner to give you company.
You may take your pet in morning walk. Free hand exercises and aerobics enliven us. Swimming at anytime of a day helps to overcome all types of tiredness and boredom. Swimming helps to cool down your nerve and washes out all types of tension.

Regular Exercise

Listen Music

Listen music regularly. Rhythm based music is best to make your mind active and happy. Always play something musical. You will listen nothing in the first few days. You will not be able to concentrate in music at that time.
But you will notice that gradually you are listening music anddepression is going out. You can dance with the beat of the music. For dancing you need a great amount of physical energy and dancing helps to release tension and depression.


Read Story Books

Read laughing story, read law or practice maths. You need to concentrate to relish the actual enjoyment from that. You need to banish all those negative thoughts to get cured.Think positive and be happy.

Reading Books

Sleep A Good Night Sleep

Adequate sleep is necessary to keep you healthy both mentally and physically. To invoke sleep, listen soft music or read bedtime sweet story. Make your bedroom comfortable for a good night sleep. Practice 10-15 minutes meditation before going to sleep.
Meditation helps to ease out all tension, monotony, frustration and depression. When you are able to remove all these things, there will be no problem with sleep.



You will not be able toovercome depression if you have weak and feeble body. You need to eat healthy food in right amount to get a healthy body. Omega–3 fatty acid is a good fat which you need for proper brain function. Research shows that there is a link between depression and low dietary intake of omega–3 fatty acids.

Fish especially salmon, sardines, etc. have great amount of omega – 3 fatty acids. Deficiency of folic acid is another reason of depression. Eat green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, beans, grains for folic acid. Eat nuts, legumes, etc. for magnesium which is needed to release stress reliever – serotonin.You can cure depression of your own with little initiative and strong will power. But if the problem persists do not forget to visit a psychiatrist or psychologist.

Healthy diet