6 Remedies For Pink Eye

Pink Eye

Pink eye is an irritable condition for human being, which is mainly caused by the viral or bacterial infection in the eyes. The medical term of infectious pink eye is conjunctivitis and it is also known to us as eye flu. This bacterial infection commonly affects children, but due to present atmospheric pollution, adults and aged people also suffer from this eye ailment.

Pink Eye

This infection can easily spread in the whole eye area of the sufferer and the eyes become pinkish red. This condition results in inflammation or swelling of conjunctiva, the thin tissue covering the outer surface of the eye, and simultaneously leads to sore eyes.

There are some causes of this syndrome, which are given below.

Causes of pink eye

If the affected eye feels itchy or the color of eye becomes red then it is probably caused by bacteria. Due to this, one or both eyelids become swollen and painful. During spring, the inflammation of eye can occur by the allergic reactions. If your eyes are exposed to dust or sand, then it can be the reason of pinkish red eye. It also can be a result of poor lifestyle, weak immune system and cold or sore throat. Scratching the eyes, medical irritants, lack of proper rest, and close contact with an affected person can also be the causes of your bacterial conjunctivitis.

Best Pink Eye remedies

Using chamomile and lemon

A fine mixture of chamomile and oregan grape root is one of the best home treatments for infectious pink eye. To make this mixture you should take 2 tsp of chamomile flower and 2 tsp of oregan grape root, boil it in a full bowel of fresh water and leave it to strain. After that, you can put this mixture on your eyes as an eyewash as it can reduce the inflammation from your eyes.

Apply lemon juice, as it is another wonderful treatment for pink eye. To perform this application you should dip a clean cotton ball into half cup of fresh lemon juice and apply the liquid on the outer area of the infection, especially on the white part of your eyes. Apply lemon juice two times in a day to get better results. It can cause a stinging sensation, but cures the disorder in a faster way.


Warm compresses of turmeric, calendula and barberry

To get better relief from conjunctivitis you should make a solution by adding 2 to 4 tsp turmeric powder to a cup of fresh boiled water and use the solution as a warm compress over your eyes. Again, to heal the problem, you can give a lukewarm water compress that is boiled with some marigold, on your affected area, as it is famously known for having the anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties. If you get an eye infection due to pollutants and allergies, then you can use calendula mixed with warm water as a compress on your infected area to reduce the viral infection quickly. The solution of barberry is very helpful for pink eye because it contains berberine, which has the antibacterial properties. You should make a powder by grinding some root bark of the barberry, boil the powder into half a glass of fresh water, let it to cool for 10 minutes and then use the solution as eyewash or with a compress.


Put some eye drops

Rinsing your infected eyes with a liquid that is made by boiling some fennel seeds with clean water, can be very helpful to reduce burning sensation, inflammation and swollenness of your eyes. Again, you can soak some jasmine flower into a cup of distilled water overnight and put 2 to 4 drops of this liquid on your eyes for three times everyday until the redness in your eyes last. It can reduce the redness and inflammation sensation that you get from your pink eye. You can also apply some drops of 2 tsp of honey and half a cup of fresh warm water to your affected area to get an instant relief. However, keep in mind that, the application will give you a little discomfort for few minutes after taking, but relieves you for a long time.

eye drop

Usage of yogurt, coriander and salt-water

Applying some poultice yogurt on the inflamed area of your eye is very beneficial as it can treat the itchiness especially for those eyes that have the yellow discharge. Prepare eyewash by mixing two cup of fresh coriander with one liter of warm water. After preparing this, you should rinse your eyes twice in a day as it can help you to keep your eyes clean. Again, you can add two tsp of salt into half a liter of fresh water and boil it for 10 minutes. When its temperature becomes tolerable, dip a cotton swab in the solution, place it over your face for 10 to 15 minutes and remove it. You should repeat this process twice daily for about 2 months.


Consumption of juices

Indian gooseberry is a very useful treatment to cure your pink eye naturally. Make a decoction by adding a cup of fresh juice of Indian gooseberry with 3 tbsp of honey and consume it for 2 to 4 times daily. The juice of some fresh vegetables such as parsley, carrots and spinach is very beneficial in the treatment of conjunctivitis. First of all, extract the juice from these three vegetables separately. Thereafter prepare a mixture by mixing 250 ml of spinach juice with 400 ml of carrot juice and drink it twice everyday. The consumption should be continued for about 2 to 3 months. 250 ml of the juice of parsley can also be used into the mixture instead of spinach juice as it can help you to remove the pink eye symptoms in a short time.


Healthy diet

As vitamin A is very essential for healthy eye, you should include yogurt, butter, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, papaya, almonds and milk in your daily diet to enrich this vitamin in your body.