5 Treatment For Knee Osteoarthritis

5 Treatment For Knee Osteoarthritis

Osteaoarthtis knee is the most common form of joint inflammation characterized by the erosion of cartilage in the thighbone (femur end) and shinbone (tibia). The frequency of this condition depends on the mineral density of the body, age, and joint over and under use hereditary factors.

The symptoms of this condition include crepitus (knee noise), stiffness, immobility and inflammation. Many treatment options have been suggested to manage this condition.

5 Best Treatment For Osteoarthritis Of The Knee

Weight Loss And Exercise

Exercise For Knee Osteoarthritis

These focus on muscle strengthening since it reduces the pressure of the knee affiliated with this condition. Furthermore, weight reduction reduces the severity of this condition.

Once muscle strengthening is successful, the disease cannot aggravate since they act as knee pressure shock absorbers. Exercises to increase calf, quadriceps and hamstring strength such as leg extension and presses are precedence. Cycling and swimming too are considered.


Symptom management using anti-inflammatory medication is core. Physician prescriptions and purchases OTC are the sources of these drugs. Examples include ibuprofen, Tylenol, indocin, lodine, aspirin and aleve focusing on anti-inflammation and antipyretic purposes. These drugs often have adverse side effects hence their administration should be done with caution. In cases of flares, cortisone injections facilitate direct anti-inflammation reducing further loss of function in the knee.

Medication For Knee Osteoarthritis

Nutritional Supplements

Without FDA’s regulation, chondroitin, sulfate and glucosamine supplements are in use to manage osteoarthritis knee. Essentially these supplements enhance connective tissue synthesis and in maintaining the stability of cartilage.

They are derived from calf and bovine. However, the safety of these supplements remains questionable since their adverse effects have not been ascertained in the already performed clinical studies.

Nutritional Supplements For Knee Osteoarthritis

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Another form of treatment for osteoarthritis knee is the synthetic input of hyaluronic that facilitates the formation of synovial fluid. This fluid then enhances viscosity to stabilize articulate cartilage structuring. The lack of the viscous synovial fluid often increases joint friction and eventually its eating away and dysfunction. Viscosupplementation often occurs in the form of hylagan injections and lubrication every week on the inflamed knee region.

Viscosupplementation For Knee Osteoarthritis

Surgery Options

Different surgical options to manage osteoarthritis knee include microfractures (abrasion), chondroplasty, OATS, meniscus transplant, osteotomy, knee resurfacing and replacement (can be unicompartmental or total replacement). Chondroplasty involves smoothening articulate cartilage that has eroded and become rough. Abrasion evenly stimulate bone bleeding owing to cartilage scaring in already exposed regions.

OATS involves osteochondral allograft and autograft to replace regions with cartilage loss. Meniscus transplant is a replacement of lateral and medial meniscus often sourced from cadavers. Osteotomy is the alignment of the femoral and tibial preventing the wearing out and deformation of bones. Knee replacement involves excision of the old one and replacement with a new one either in stages (unicompartment) or at once (total replacement).

Surgery For Knee Osteoarthritis

The management of osteoarthritis applies different approaches. These include surgery (invasive and non-invasive methods), use of pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs, viscosupplementation, nutritional supplementation, exercise and weight loss commonly referred to us physiotherapy. Just like other joint disorders, these treatment focuses on pain relieve and reduced inflammation hence, halt the condition from growing worse.

Treatment For Knee Osteoarthritis