Best Ways to Give your Child A High Fiber Diet

A high fiber diet is beneficial to children for it helps to regulate the digestive system and allows the elimination of waste from the body regularly. Children couldn’t care about the importance of nutrition; they are only concerned with the taste of their food and hence you need to serve food to them in the most delicious way that you can. If your child suffers from constipation then you need to make sure that you increase the amount of fiber in your child’s diet.

Fruits are healthy and high in fiber; so that’s a great start. Get the kids to snack on fruits like apples and bananas. These fruits can be had raw. You could also add fruits like prunes, pears, oranges and berries to desserts and toppings of your children are not interested in eating them as snacks.

Breads are a favorite with children; this is because they are high in carbohydrates that breakdown into sugar in the mouth. Give your children whole grain bread as these are fiber rich. Add fruits to the bread or simply make them some healthy protein whole grain pancakes. Brown rice is another healthy fiber rich food that you can add to your diet and introduce it to the children as well.

You also need to ensure that the children are eating a healthy serving of vegetables daily. Add shredded veggies to macaroni and pasta dishes and also add them to bake dishes. These are simple ways to increase the amount of fiber in your diet. You can also add veggies to soups and eat a serving of salads daily. These are sure ways to eat the required amount of fiber.

Starting the day with a fiber punch is the way to go. Include a fiber rich fruit for breakfast. You could also include a whole grain toast and some whole grain cereal. You also get commercially prepared whole grain cup cakes; this is a splendid way to start the day. The children will be excited with a daily treat as well as they benefit from the fact that the food is fiber rich.

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