5 Ways To Maintain Slim Figure

There are a million people around the globe that are engaged in the battle of the bulge almost daily. Some deal with it their entire lives. If you are blessed with a slim figure and you do just about nothing to be the way you are then you must be grateful for your health and figure. 

Slim figure

Though you may not have done much to attain the figure you must take precautions to avoid gaining any unnecessary fats. It is sensible to watch your diet and exercise in order to maintain yourself and tone your body.

Exercising daily is your answer to staying slim. You don’t need to get a gym membership or set apart a time of the day to workout. My mum is 60 and sports a 26 inch waist without exercising for a minute. Her secret is the amount of work she does around the house. In order to stay fit and lean she carries out all the household chores single handedly.


If household chores are not your cup of tea then you may take up walking or aerobics. Yoga is a popular form of exercise that many are opting for these days; this is due to the several benefits that one gains from this form of exercise.


Walking and biking helps to tone the body and keep the body fit. Simple ways to increase the amount of exercise you do includes avoiding the escalator and elevators at work and using the stairs; the same can be done in the malls.


Before you being a meal you must drink a glass of water. The water will occupy a large part of your stomach and prevent you from overeating; thereby restricting your calorie intake. Also water by itself has no calories so you may indulge in it as much as you please. Avoid drinking water during your meals though for it causes fatty cells to deposit on your abdomen.


Your meals must be rich in fiber and protein and low in carbohydrates. Also ensure that you are not eating late at night; meals before 9 pm do not cause any uneasiness and also prevent weight gain.

Fiber and protein