Blisters- Ways to Treat and Cure Them

Blisters from on your body when a certain part of the skin goes through wear and tear caused by rubbing or brushing and even irritated by external elements. A blister is a tender spot on your skin that gets red and filled with fluids. They are not very painful but they do cause some degree of discomfort. A blister is your body’s way of telling you that it is in pain and that it is going through some form of discomfort. In this case you not only need to take care of the blister you also need to ensure that the blister does not get infested or cause any further discomfort.

The first thing that you need to do is to wash the area with a mild anti septic cream; this will reduce the inflammation and will also prevent the bacteria from spreading further to the different parts of the body. You will need a few cotton balls, warm water and an anti septic.

If you have a blister on your foot or your hands then you can soak that part of your body in the warm water; if this is not possible then you can soak a cotton ball in the water and dab it on the affected area.

Though most people who choose to cover up the blister I strongly advice you not to do this as it can lead the blister remaining wet and increasing the amount of fluid in the blister. This is not good as it means the infection is not healing. In order to get the blister to heal quicker you need to keep the blister open so that the liquid from it dries up.

You may need to drain the blister if it does not heal within 72 hours. To do this you will need a needle and a lot of courage. Heat the needle over a flame to disinfect it and then poke it into the delicate skin of the blister. This will create a tiny puncture in it and give way for the blister to drain the fluid from it.

Don’t get rid of the dry skin or the scab even after the blister has healed itself. If you remove the dead skin or the roof of the blister by force it will leave a scar. Let the skin shed itself naturally; the scab will detach itself when it is dry.