3 Ways to Prevent Stomach Bloating

3 Ways to Prevent Stomach Bloating

Bloating is a condition where the person fells full or pressure in the stomach as a result of the number of gases that are trapped in the small intestine. It is a common occurrence and most people suffering from it also experience stomach aches, flatulence and stomach cramps. It is important to take care of the problem as it can lead to stomach and mouth ulcers.

There are several steps that you can take to prevent the bloating effect. You must start with eating smaller meals. Eat them at 3 to 4 hour intervals. Eating larger meals prevents the digestive system from being able to digest all the food that you have eaten and this leads to uneasiness and discomfort when standing or walking.

Drink Water For Stomach Bloating

If you are feeling uneasy then you must avoid eating spices. Eat lesser amounts of rice and avoid spices. A soup and a few vegetables will be the perfect meal. Do not eat refined wheat flour either as it leads to excessive bloating.

Watch the amounts of liquids you intake. Water is good and you must drink as much as your body craves; the same cannot be said for tea and coffee though. These liquids do not help in your condition. You must drink plenty of lemonade but avoid other beverages. Drink warm water rather than cold refrigerated water.

Vegetable For Stomach Bloating

Refrain from eating excessive amounts of fiber. Your body needs approximately 25 grams of fiber daily and eating anything more than that is harmful to your body. You must eat fibers in healthy proportions in your fruit and vegetable consumption.

The main cause of the bloating effect is constipation. Taking care of this will help to take care of the condition. To get rid of constipation one must chew food well and avoid swallowing air when you chew. Drink plenty of warm water and indulge in plenty of physical activity during the day. This helps to ensure regular bowel movements thereby taking care of any issues with constipation. Walking for 30 minutes after dinner is a good way to ensure that you do not suffer from constipation. You can also try yoga and meditative exercises to help you in your cure for bloating and constipation.

Physical Activity For Stomach Bloating

Ways to Prevent Stomach Bloating