Blood sugar control – effective home remedies

The term “blood sugar” defines the amount of sugar that is there in the blood of the human beings or animals. High blood sugar or diabetes is a metabolic disorder that stops the body from utilizing the glucose that is stored inside the body. There are basically two types of diabetes: i) Type 1 diabetes mellitus or insulin-dependent diabetes and ii) Type 2 diabetes mellitus or non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Genetic factors, obesity, stress, nutritional deficiency, less physical activity or lack of exercise, high carbohydrate diet, disease that hampers the proper pancreas operation are some of the factors leading to the rise of blood sugar level in any individual. High blood sugar level can be controlled with effective natural remedies.

Home remedies to control blood sugar:

Syszygium cumini (Jamun): The seeds, leaves and the juice of this fruit are very useful for treating blood sugar. The intake of seeds prevents the preservation of starch into sugar inside the body. Consumption of 4 cups of water with mashed 3-4 jamun leaves in it for 5-10 days helps in the reduction of sugar level of the blood.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a good natural remedy for diabetes. A chemical present in cinnamon helps in the natural reduction of the blood sugar level in the blood. One should mix 3 tablespoon of cinnamon in a liter of boiling water and bubble it for 20 minutes in a low flame. Then the mixture is to be strained. Intake of a liter of cinnamon water daily helps in the reduction of blood sugar level in a natural way.

Indian gooseberry: This fruit is very effective in controlling diabetes due to the presence of vitamin C in it. Mix a table spoon of the juice of Indian gooseberry with a cup of fresh bitter gourd juice for two months continuously will help the secretion of insulin from the pancreas that is good for treating blood sugar.

Fenugreek seeds: These seeds are extremely useful in treating diabetes. One has to soak 100 fenugreek seeds in 300 ml of water overnight and mash them in the morning. Then the mashed seeds have to be placed in a fine cloth and the mixture has to be consumed regularly at for 2-3 months. Fenugreek is a good home remedy for diabetes.

Turmeric, bitter melon, grape fruit, mango leaves, soybean, cucumber, onion, celery, string beans, holy basil are some natural ingredients that help in the natural remedy of blood sugar if consumed properly.