Body Rash: Natural Treatments To Reduce Body Rashes Easily

There are various treatments by the use of which we can cure the problem of body rashes at home only. Try these below once may you can treat your problem completely:

1. Apply olive oil on the skin as it penetrates into the skin and cures the rash.
2. Applying baking powder over the rash will reduce the rashes easily.
3. Apply mixture of aloe Vera gel, cod liver oil and vitamin E over the skin affecting from rashes.
4. Apply chopped mint leaves over the skin suffering from rash.
5. Drink water mixed with half tea spoon turmeric to cure body rashes.
6. Apply basil leaves after squeezing them oven the affected area.
7. Mix grinded fresh basil leaves with 1 table spoon olive oil, 2 garlic cloves, little salt and pepper and then apply on the area.
8. Apply almond oil over the skin to avoid rash.
9. Wash the affected area with chamomile tea.
10. Oatmeal bath is the best for curing body rash. One has to pour one cup full of uncooked oatmeal into the bath water. Soak your body for 15 minutes into the water.
11. Avoid fermented food in case of body rashes like pickles, yoghurt and bread etc.
12. Apply icepack over the skin for the hot rashes.