Bone Spurs Symptoms and Remedies

A bony growth that sprouts from a normal bone is known as osteophyte or bone spur. This bony growth causes extreme discomfort and pain when it happens to press against another bone or soft tissue.

The development of this condition takes place when the body tries to increase the surface area of the joints so that the weight of the body spreads evenly across a joint which has been damaged due to arthritis or any other circumstances.

Age, obesity, work pressure, constant rubbing or stress, osteoarthritis, discs and joint degeneration, poor posture, nutrition, injuries, structural problems from birth, heredity, arthritis, spinal stenosis, etc. are considered as some of the factors that cause development of bone spurs.

Pain in the joints as well as failure in movement of the joints is considered as the basic symptoms of bone spur. The symptom of bone spur varies depending on the location. Bone spur in knees causes extreme pain during bending and extending of the legs.

Spine bone spur victims experience stiffness and ache in the lower back while standing or walking. The bone spurs can even push the nerves and also spinal cord leading to numbness and extreme pain elsewhere in the body. Neck bone spurs can push against the veins and restrict the flow of blood to the brains and so on.

However, bone spurs can be treated naturally. The treatment of the bone spurs are mainly directed to the symptoms and root causes that lie behind the growth of the bone spurs.

Since the treatments vary from the underlying cause of the symptoms, various common ways like application of ice, rest, slight stretching, etc. are also considered as the methods of treating bone spur.

Weight Loss: If obesity is the underlying cause of bone spur growth, then losing weight is the effective treatment for the individual.

Deep tissue massage also helps to alleviate the pain from the area.

Herbal tea: Make tea with the help of a teaspoonful of rosehip and horsetail herb in a cup of water and boil it. Strain the mixture and drink it thrice daily.  It is considered as an effective remedy against bone spur.