Boost Immune System with Diet

Boosting your immunity is not difficult and it helps you to stay fit, prevent diseases and illnesses and also keeps you emotionally stable.

Change in weather conditions, seasons and climatic changes lead to severe health related issues and hence it is important to boost your immunity and prevent this issues. I have a few suggestions here; all of them are natural remedies that will help you to boost your immunity. You can use a few of them to stay healthy and fit.

In order to boost immunity you need to control the acid-alkaline levels in the body. Increasing the amount of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar in your diet will help you to control your body’s acid levels. You can drink lemon juice with water or add the juice to salads, food preparations or tea. These are easy ways to include lemon in your daily diet.

Fresh herbs will boost your immunity. The anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties of all the herbs fight illnesses and diseases; in this way they help to boost one’s immunity naturally. Adding herbs like ginger to your cup of tea or food preparations will ward of colds, cough and flu. Turmeric fights skin infections and the anti inflammatory properties of the herb helps to fight gas and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Sleeping for 7 to 8 hours every night will help you to boost your body’s immunity naturally. Every person is different and requires a different amount of sleep; your body will send you signals if it requires more sleep. When your body is in rest mode it is able to rejuvenate and repair itself for the next day.

Water is the best form of hydration and drinking adequate water daily will help you to stay health. Water flushes harmful toxins from the body and in this manner it keeps you healthy and fit.

Limiting the amount of caffeine you drink daily will also help you to stay fit. Coffee, tea, energy drinks and chocolates are all high in caffeine. If you are addicted to tea or coffee then you must drink a glass of water for every cup of tea or coffee that you drink.

Raw fruits and vegetables offer your body anti oxidants, minerals, fiber, protein and all the enzymes that your body need to function well and prevent diseases.

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