Boosting your sex drive with Aromatherapy

Sex and sense of smell form two major parts of our lives. While the former is indulged in for pleasure and for survival of the species, the latter is essential for our very existence. What we all miss out on is the fact that both are interrelated. Let’s see how.

Smell or fragrance stimulates the nerve endings located behind our nose. This turns on a part of the brain that is directly connected to our libido. So, if specially created aromatic oils stimulate our brain we are bound to have a more satisfying and interesting sexual life. This is where a more than 7000-year old aromatherapy tradition comes into the picture.

Aromatic oils like that of rose, jasmine, sandalwood and neroli are effective aphrodisiacs. They not only provide sweet, floral and exotic fragrances, they also get rid of sexual problems like low sexual desire, premature ejaculation to name a few. They also calm down stressed out nerves. Some other scents that arouse men and women are oil of lavender, cinnamon, cherries and sage.

Aromatherapy helps you achieve a happy and delightful sex life by using oils which when massaged into the body, get absorbed immediately in the bloodstream and spread to all parts of the body. Aroma scent is a sensual method of (re) activating your sexual desire. Whether used as a massage or in a bath, they are effective sexual stimulants. No wonder Cleopatra and Aphrodite (Goddess of Sensuality) used them generously. Our very own Vajrakaran Tantra (in the Vedas) and the all time famous Kamasutra suggest the use of aromatic oils (itar).

So, the next time you feel unreasonably low, your sex life is at it’s lowest dip or you just want to feel desirable and happy, dab on that aromatic oil and feel the exotic difference!