Brain Foods that Help to Increase Concentration

Almost all of us want to keep our memory in check. We all wonder if brain foods will help with our concentration, when in reality, taken in right proportion will do wonders for our thinking process. Brain food is nothing but a balanced diet that consists of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The foods consumed by us directly affect the performance of our brain thereby boosting our IQ, improving moods like making us emotionally stable sharpening the memory and keeping the mind young.

We all know that too much is not good but too less is not great either. So consumption should be of equal proportion. Giving the brain the right nutrition is important and so is a balanced diet. Proteins provide the building blocks for the body’s tissues, nerves and internal organs such as the heart and the brain. Proteins are generally found in foods like milk, meat, fish and eggs. After eating a meal that contains carbohydrates you will feel more relaxed and calm. Grains, fruits and vegetables are the main foods that contain carbohydrates.

Fats play a crucial role as they regulate key aspects of the immune system, blood circulation, inflammation, memory and mood. In the same way, vitamins and minerals are also important for the growth and functional process of the brain. Vitamins such as vitamin B complex play a crucial role in providing energy to the body. Vitamins A, C and E are the best anti-oxidants and retain memory as we age. Minerals are also critical to brain functioning and performance and are needed for brain energy. Balancing your glucose is also necessary as it provides fuel to your brain.

It is very essential to have an intelligent diet. You can boost your brainpower by feeding your brain ‘brain foods’. Few tips to keep in mind would be to eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals to ‘fine tune’ your mind. Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day will keep your brain well hydrated. Exercising will help keep your brain active and alert. It is also advisable to maintain good eating habits and having nutritious and healthy meals on time.

An individual, who consistently eats a healthy diet, is known to improve their level of performance, increasing their ability to concentrate and thus living a beautiful life. So strive to eat healthy.

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