Breast Cancer Care

Breast cancer is one of the most feared ailments and it is the most common form of cancer among the women all over the globe. Although numerous researches have taken place, no one knows the exact cause of this illness till date.

The disease is said to affect about 10 percent of the total women population above the age of forty and women have more chances of suffering from the ailment than men do. Initially this ailment might not have any symptoms but gradually as the disease progresses, symptoms start to show. Feeling of a small lump in any area of the breast, swelling of a part of the breast or the entire breast, nipple pain, breast pain, lump in the underarm area, skin irritation are some of the symptoms of breast cancer.

Risk factors play a crucial role in the formation of breast cancer. Personal history of breast cancer, family history of breast cancer, lifestyle (smoking, alcoholism, high cholesterol fat diet, etc), diseases of the breast, menstruation before the age of 12, menopause after the age of 55, overweight after menopause, birth of first child at an old age, etc. are some of the fundamental factors that can cause breast cancer. But there are certain natural remedies that help us combat the ailment effectively:

Smoking and Alcohol: Numerous researches and studies indicate that excess smoking and consumption of alcohol are vital factors that are responsible for the development of breast cancer. Hence efforts must be taken to avoid smoking as well as alcohol consumption so that the individuals are less prone to the ailment.

Garlic: The antibiotic properties of garlic are recognized all over the globe. The garlic properties help to fight against the infectious bacteria, yeast, and fungi in an efficient way. The herb has certain anti-cancer compounds that can successfully cause the natural death of the malignant cancer cells.

Green Tea: This herb is renowned all over the world for its various beneficial effects on the health. The anti-inflammatory properties of green tea are useful for fighting breast cancer.

Wheatgrass: Many studies have shown that the consumption of raw form of wheatgrass can degenerate the growth of cancer cells of any individuals.