Breast Cancer Lumps – Natural Treatment

It is certainly a matter of concern to any woman if she feels a lump like formation in the breasts. Although breast cancer can take place in both men and women, women have been found to be more prone to this ailment than the men.

The lumps in the breast are thought as the first and foremost sign of the breast cancer. The breast cancer lumps are usually hard, round and might even have rough ends. In the early stages these lumps can be the size of a pea and cannot be moved about in the breast.

Some of the symptoms of breast cancer lump are the sudden appearance of a bruise in the breast for no obvious cause, the hollowed or depressed skin exactly above the lump etc. However, there are a lot of natural treatments to breast cancer lumps and here are some of them:

Green Tea: A lot of studies and researches have showed that with the daily and regular consumption of green tea, one can easily and healthily tackle the formation and increase of the size of breast cancer lumps. One is advised to intake 8 ounces or more of green tea on a daily basis.

The EGCG that is naturally found in the green tea is a naturally active compound that fights the cancer cells from growing and replicating in the lump and on the top helps to kill the cancer cells of the suffering individuals.

Maitake mushroom: Recent studies on this mushroom have concluded that a compound named “D-fraction” present in it has the ability to stop the cancerous cells in the breast lump as well as in any other parts of the body from replicating.

Researches further show that the mushroom aids the body by stimulating the immune cells as well as shrink the sore and tender fibroid cysts thereby helping the body to fight the ailment.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes have been found to work effectively against the breast cancer lumps. Besides this, tomatoes are known to be one of the richest sources of flavonoid lycopene, a compound that helps to fight against the lung, prostrate, and cervix as well as mouth cancers too.