Breast Pain Relief – Tips and Preventive Measures

Change in the hormonal structure in the body leads to pain in the breast. This change occurs mostly during PMS or when a woman menstruates. Wearing inappropriate lingerie may be another reason for pain in the breast. If you experience pain in your breast you must get a breast examination; it is the best way to prevent long term illnesses like cancer. If the breast examination is clear then you can use home remedies to give you relief from the pain.

A hot compress will help to ease the pain in the breast. Apply a hot water bottle to the area and rest for a few minutes. This will help you to get rid of the pain in the breast region.

Castor oil helps to relieve pain in the breast. Warm the oil in the microwave for a few seconds and massage the oil gently onto your breast. Use your finger tips and massage the breasts in circular movements. This will increase the blood circulation in the breast and reduce the pain. You can use a hot compress after you massage the breasts.

If the pain is unbearable then you must draw yourself a hot bath and soak in the water for a few minutes. You could also have a hot shower; both these techniques will reduce the pain in the breasts within a few minutes.

A hot compress can aggravate the pain in summer; during this season it is best to use a cold compress. You can apply an ice pack to your aching breasts and move it after few seconds. This will reduce the pain within a few minutes.

Maintain a diet that is low in fats; not only will you feel healthier it will also help to reduce pain in the breast. Avoid eating processed foods and opt for whole grains. Reducing your consumption of salt will also reduce the pain in your breasts; this means that you need to avoid all fast foods and processed foods.