6 Home Remedies For Broken Finger


6 Remedies For Broken Finger

Broken finger necessitates immediate attention. Fingers help us to stroke, grasp, and sense and relate with the environment. Hence they are more prone to injuries and are the most frequently injured part of the hand. The fingers are made up of ligaments, tendons and 3 bones called phalanges. They have no muscles and they move with the help of the pull of muscles that are located in the forearm on the tendons. There are a number of home remedies for broken finger.

Home Remedies For Broken Finger

Ice aplication

One must apply ice to the broken finger. The ice must not be applied directly but should be put inside a towel and then applied to the affected finger. This is a first aid remedy to the broken finger.

Ice Aplication For Broken Finger


One has to avoid moving the finger for sometime. The broken finger has to be supported with the help of a splinter and tied to it firmly. This would allow giving rest to the injured finger and hence averting the deteriorating of the infection. Rest is vital for the speedy recovery of the finger.

Rest For Broken Finger

Epsom salt

The use of Epsom salt to deal with any injury is a very popular remedy. One has to warm water and keep it in a container. Dip the injured finger in the water and keep it there for around 10-15 minutes. Then the finger has to be taken out and a bandage has to be wrapped on to the finger. This needs to be done every hour until the swelling subsides and the pain decreases.

Epsom Salt For Broken Finger

Reducing swelling

Topical creams or soaking should be applied to the jammed finger in order to reduce the swelling of the finger.

Reducing Swelling For Broken Finger

Reducing pain

Oral pain killers would have to be consumed, if required, in order to avert the tremendous pain in the finger. This would help a lot in diminishing the soreness and the ache.

Pain Killers For Broken Finger

Severe injury

Severe injury might lead to the draining of the blood from the nail bed. It might require physician’s help. In that situation, the intake of non-steroidal inflammatory drug would help.

Usage of the finger for any activity should be avoided. Clotting of blood requires the dipping of the finger in the cold water. If the finger is bleeding, one would have to visit the physician, else it could develop into gangrene.

Visit The Physician For Broken Finger