Bunion Treatment- How To Get Rid Of It

Bunions are the painful disorder of the foot where bumps are found on the surface of the big toe. Bunion signifies the alteration in the bony structure of the anterior part of the foot. Bunion is found more among the women than in men and are found more among the individuals of the Western countries than in any other parts of the world.

As per the studies, the individuals who tend to wear shoes more have greater chances of getting affected by the disorder. Again Bunion has been found to occur more among the aged people. One more thing that has been found to be extremely common is that there seems to have a genetic link for the acquiring of bunions.

But the truth is that bunions are often caused from the faulty structure of the foot. In such cases there is often a chance that this foot structure get inherited resulting in the developing of bunions within a family. However there are many ways through which we can get rid of the bunion:

Proper fitting shoes: In most cases it has been found that by wearing proper fitting shoes one can easily thwart the chances of developing bunion. Since it has been found the bunion are found to mostly occur among the females wearing high heeled shoes, high heeled shoes need to be avoided and the shoes that provide comfort to the individual while walking should be worn at all times.

Ice pack: Applying ice pack several times in a day to the affected area helps in the curbing of the inflammation of the bunion. All of us are aware of the fact that ice pack has the ability to curb inflammation; hence by applying ice pack in the area of the bunion one can treat the pain and swelling of the leg to a great extent.

Standing long: Bunion pain can be aggravated by standing for a long period of time. Hence it would be wise to avoid standing for a lengthy period or stay away from any such activities which can provoke swelling and extreme pain to the affected area of the leg.