Candida Treatment – How To Cure Naturally

Candida is fast becoming an eminent and recognized problem of the globe. Candida yeast infection is thought as one of the major causes of skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema etc.

This yeast lives in the intestinal tract of the human body and is mainly responsible for vaginal yeast infection. Presence of small amount of Candida is good as the friendly and protective bacteria of our body can use it as food. When these friendly bacteria get killed due to some or the other reason, this Candida yeasts starts to multiply and gets out of control. There are a lot of causes that leads to the development and growth of Candida yeasts.

Some of these are the frequent intake of birth control pills, devices used for birth controls, antibiotics, consumption of tap water, excess stress and elevated cortisol, intestinal worms and parasites, alcohol and drugs, constipation, hormonal imbalance, immune deficiency, hypothyroid etc. But there is nothing to be afraid of as there are a lot of ways to treat Candida naturally:


Diet is considered as one of the best ways to fight yeast infection. The sufferer needs to eliminate sugar and carbohydrates straight away from the diet chart. This kind to diet prevents the yeast from multiplying.

Since Candida thrives on sugar, all sorts of sweet foods, fruit juices, honey, fresh and dried fruits should be avoided altogether. Not only the sweet food, but also milk and any kind of dairy products also needs to be avoided as they have high quantity of lactose in them


Yoghurt is extremely beneficial for the body as it is high in healthy bacteria that the body needs to fight any kind of infection. Daily consumption of yoghurt helps to promote healthy bacteria and kills off any kind of yeast infection. Plain yoghurt without any kind of sugar and fruits should be consumed daily.

Cranberry juice:

Consume lots of cranberry juice as with the consumption of this juice, the yeasts are loosened from inside the walls of the urinary tract, mouth, bowels and vagina. With their inability to cling to the walls, the yeasts get flushed out of the system.