Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment With Exercises

Carpal tunnel syndrome is basically a repetitive stress injury that is found to occur in the wrist and around the forearm area. The carpal tunnel syndrome mostly occurs in the dominant wrist. The bones that make up the wrists are called as carpals.

These carpals form a tunnel through which median nerve passes on to the hand. Some of the common symptoms of the carpal tunnel syndrome are numbness and pain in the thumb, middle as well as the index fingers, weakness of the arm, tingling sensation in one or both the arms as well as shooting pain in the arm.

The pain is such that even if an individual is sleeping, he/she is bound to wake up.However, there are a lot of exercises that are helpful in treating the ailment:

Imbalance of the muscles that is mostly caused by repetitive and static finger and wrist flexion against a resistance or static objects, is the main reasons for the occurrence of the ailment.

Some common activities like opening the doors, driving, typing, playing on computer etc paves the way for the ailment as these exercises develop the muscles that are responsible for closing hands.

Unfortunately, we do not have many activities that stimulate the opposite muscles that are the extensors which are responsible for opening the hand and straightening the fingers. This leads to the development of the carpal tunnel syndrome. However, here are some exercises that help to fight and prevent the ailment on the whole.

Stretching: Extend and stretch the wrists and the fingers of the hand intensely so, that they appear as if in a hand-stand position. Hold the hand for a count of five.

Relaxing: Unbend and set straight both the wrists and relax the fingers.

Tight fists: Tighten both fists by applying force on the hands.

Bending fists: Bend down both the wrists while keeping the fists intact. Then hold the hand in the position for a count of five.

Relax fingers: Straighten both the wrists and relax the fingers for a count of five.

Then the arms should be allowed to hang loose at the sides, and they should be shaken for a few times. These exercises should be repeated ten times.