Cataract – Home Remedies

Cataract is a problem in which clouding in or around the lens of the eye obstructs the light going inside the eye. Due to this a problem of vision is occurred. The problem varies from man to man from a mild impact to complete opacity. Due to cataract the power of the lens a person is using may increase remarkably and can lead to the complex problem of myopia.

In old aged people the swelling of eye lens is observed and in some cases it causes a complete blindness. In some cases it ruptures the eye lens and it starts leaking causing a white fluid to secret from the eye. This leads to inflammation and pain in the eye. There are several reasons causing the problem of cataract in human eye. Exposure to ultraviolet and other radiations, hypertension, diabetes etc are the major factors leading to this problem. However, aging is also a factor responsible for the problem of cataract. Some medications and drugs can also lead to this problem.

Due to impaired vision a person suffering from the cataract is not able to see the objects near him clearly and a long term deposition may lead to complete blindness. Hence, it is very important to cure cataract at time. Trauma is also a possible cause of the problem of cataract. When vision gets impaired badly, a surgery is done for its rectification. Hence, it is advisable that if you find any symptom of cataract, you should consult an eye specialist. A close study and diagnosis may help in curing this disease properly. You can opt for various home remedies available for cataract. This will stop the problem from being complicated and can control the clouding around the eye lens.

Protection of eyes from the direct exposure to harmful radiations like ultra violet radiations is helpful in keeping eyes healthy for a longer time. If your occupation involves an exposure to these harmful radiations, you are advised to use protective goggles. Proper nutritional supply to the body is an effective way to keep oneself healthy. Intake of vitamin C and vitamin E should be increase in case of the problem of cataract. A regular consumption of tomato and carrot juice is helpful in avoiding the clouding around the eye lens. In case of severe complications, you should consult an eye specialist.