Causes and Cures for Anorexia

Most adults are conscious about their weight and go on diets regularly. However some individuals take it to another level altogether and are called anorexic because of their eating habits and lifestyle. Anorexia is an eating disorder where individuals starve themselves, exercise more than recommended or take laxatives in order to reduce their weight. People suffering from anorexia are normally 15% below the average recommended weight. They are extremely skinny yet perceive themselves to be over weight.

This eating disorder is extremely popular in adolescent girls who try hard to fit in with their peers and ape the celebrities that they adore. They take dieting very seriously. A case of a teenager who wanted to be a supermodel made headlines in every publication on the day of her death. Her family claimed that the only thing that she ate was an apple and that if she was hungry she would drink water. Anorexia has claimed may lives and yet teenagers do not take heed to the consequences of their behavior.

How do you recognize an anorexic?

If an individual is extremely over weight and is constantly on a diet then there are chances that she is anorexic. Keep a watch on the eating patterns of this individual. Does she over eat and then throw up all her food? Does she skip meals? Doe she exercise more than required? If you have answered yes to more than 1 question than the person in concern is anorexic.

Some of the common symptoms are refusing to eat food especially in public, anxiety at the sight of food or while talking about food, general weakness and loss of menstrual cycle in the case of women.

How to help an anorexic?

Individuals suffering from anorexia are normally seeking attention from society. Be prepared to support the emotional needs of this person. Ensure that the person visits a dietician for help. A guidance counselor is recommended to guide the person through the stressful period

The good news about anorexia is that anyone can overcome it.