11 Home Remedies For Acne


11 Remedies For Acne

Acne is one of the commonly seen skin disorders among the youngsters. These are most probably found on the skin of face, neck and shoulders. Acne is not a contagious or serious problem but it can be quite embarrassing among the younger generations. Some of the serious acnes may leave permanent scars which really look disgusting. You should not break the acne as this may create severe acnes and scars over your face. Acne can be cured completely by following some of the home remedies given below.

Causes of Acne

Unhealthy Food Is Cause Of Acne

Wrong and unhealthy eating habits can be the major cause for acne. Consuming food items rich in fats and oils, carbohydrates, starch etc. can create acnes. On the whole, the modern sedentary life style is the main reason for the appearance of acnes. Parched appearance of the skin can be the main cause for acnes. Extreme weather conditions, smoking etc. can also cause acnes. Serious constipation can be another important cause for the acne.

Home remedies For The Acnes

Vitamin treatment can do the best in curing and removing the acnes completely. Vitamin A is the essential one among the others in curing the acne. Vitamin treatment can be carried out by in taking about 100 milligrams of niacin and about fifty thousand units of vitamin a thrice in a day.

Vitamin A Food For Acne

400 mg of Vitamin E can be also taken once daily as it is also found to be essential in curing and preventing acne. Vitamin A rich food items like liver, sweet potatoes, carrots, mangoes etc. can be included in the daily diet of the teenagers.

Zinc is another essential substance in the curing of acnes or pimples. Zinc tablets can be taken according to the amount needed. The patients can take about 50 mg of zinc and it can be continued for one month. Wheat germ, pine nuts, olive, spinach, peas etc. are rich in zinc. These food items can be included in your daily diet to meet the requirement.

Zinc Food For Acne

Orange peel is considered to be very effective in curing the acnes. Orange peels can be pounded along with some water and this mixture can be applied over the acne which is really beneficial in removing the acnes. A cream can be prepared by grating orange peel and gram flour together in some water which can be applied over your face and can be used as a home remedy for the acnes.

Orange Peel For Acne

A simple remedy can be carried out to cure acnes using lemon as lemon is a source of Vitamin C which is essential for the good health of your skin. Applying freshly prepared lemon juice over your face and massaging for about 5 minutes can be beneficial in curing the acnes or pimples. Diluted lemon juice along with mint leaf juice can be used if your skin seems to be very sensitive.

Lemon Juice For Acne

Garlicis another important remedy for the acnes. Five to six garlic cloves can be grated to make a paste and this can be applied over the acnes which can very effectively cure the acnes completely if continued for a few days. Daily intake of three to four garlic seeds can also do the best in curing the acnes.

For the sensitive skin, you can mix the garlic paste along with a teaspoon of yogurt and then use it. This remedy can remove the acnes as well as keep your face moisturized.

Garlic For Acne

A small amount of coriander juice can be mixed with a little of turmeric powder and this paste can be applied over the acnes overnight. Mint juice can be also used instead of using coriander juice and can be continued for one or two weeks for better results. This is another commonly used home remedy for the acnes.

Coriander Juice For Acne

Fenugreek leaves are proved to be effective in the treatment of acnes. Fenugreek leaves can be made into paste form and can be applied over your face overnight and can be washed off early in the morning, which is a good home remedy for the acnes. This remedy can remove the acnes as well as prevent the blackheads.

Fenugreek Leaves For Acne

Cucumber is known to be important in the treatment of acnes. A piece of cucumber can be rubbed over your face which can reduce the acnes at a faster rate. For better results, cucumber can be grated to prepare a paste and can be applied over the face and neck and can be done regularly. Daily use of this remedy can prevent further pimples or blackheads.

Cucumber For Acne

A hot Epsom salt bath can be really beneficial in curing the acnes. About ½ kg of Epsom salt can be mixed in a bucket of warm water and this can be used for bathing. Epsom salt bath can be done twice in a week for better results of the treatment.

Epsom Salt For Acne

Drinking about 200 ml of wheat grass juice can be beneficial in the treatment of acnes. Lettuce leaves can be saturated in about 250 ml of warm water and this infusion can be used to rinse your face daily before going to bed. This is a good home remedy for acne.

A home made face pack can be prepared by mixing a teaspoon of fuller’s earth with a small amount of apple cider vinegar. This mixture can be applied over your face and can be massaged for about 10 minutes. Later it can be washed off using warm water. This is an excellent home remedy for acnes.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Acne

Diet for acne

Fresh and juicy fruits are beneficial in the treatment of acnes. The patient suffering from the problem of acne can follow a fruit diet for about a week. Apples, mangoes, peaches, water melon etc. can be included in the daily diet of the patient.

Diet For Acne

A well balanced nutrition rich diet has to be given to the person suffering from pimples and blackheads. Strong food items like pickles, coffee, tea. should be avoided from the daily diets. Oily and spicy food items should be strictly avoided as this is one of the main reasons for acnes. Keep a control over the intake of ice candies, soft drinks, chocolates, nuts etc.