Causes and Preventive Measures of Mouth and Stomach Ulcers

Causes and Preventive Measures of Mouth and Stomach Ulcers

The key to fighting ulcers is to avoid over eating and also avoiding long period of fasting. When you over eat; the food does not get digested well as your body is unable to produce the necessary amounts of enzymes to digest the foods, thus this leads to formation of ulcers. When you go for long periods without food; your stomach produces certain gases and this leads to the formation of ulcers in your stomach and your mouth.

In order to prevent long periods without food and drink and avoid binging; one must schedule meals appropriately. Eat at regular intervals and space bout your food every 3 to 4 hours. Avoid eating constantly as your stomach will not be able to digest the food and this does not help either.

-You must consume a variety of foods and your diet must be a rich source of Vitamins and minerals.


-If you are stressed out you generally tend to eat faster. Avoid doing this. Eat slowly and chew your food well. This help in the digestion of food as well. Cut your food into smaller portions and then chew well.

-Avoid eating foods that are too spicy or rich in fats. These tend to upset your stomach and are heavy to digest; thus causing issues.

-Avoid eating before going to bed. Generally you must not eat after 7 pm. After your dinner, it is a good idea to take a brisk walk or exercise to help to burn the calories. Doing so also helps to relax your muscles and digest food to prevent acid formation in the stomach.

Avoid eating before going to bed

-Avoid eating stale food. Left over food of the previous night are safe but avoid eating food that is over 24 hours old.

-You must also take care not to increase your weight. Obese people are at a greater risk of ulcer formation.

reduce weight

If you lead a lifestyle that is unhealthy; you must make the necessary changes immediately.