Causes and Remedies For Foot Bunions


Foot Bunions

A bunion is the enlargement of a bone or tissue right below the big toe at the joint of the foot. It looks like a bump on the side of the big toe, which causes the toe to bend inside in the direction of the second toe, instead of growing straight. Due to this the feet look crooked. This is the most common type of bunions, though rare, sometimes a growth can also come up on the side of the little toe.

There is a lot of contradictory information about the causes. Some may say it’s genetic, whereas, some say it cannot be inherited and is normally caused by continuously wearing narrow toed or ill fitting shoes. Usually, it is a combination of both. There are some who could be born with the symptom, which goes to prove that this could be inherited.

Faulty Food

Wearing faulty footwear is also a very big cause of a bunion. People wearing open footwear are less likely to develop a bunion. Women are more likely to develop this symptom, as they more likely to be victims of stylish, trendy but uncomfortable footwear like pointy toe shoes & high heels.

If you run or play an intense sport regularly, buy your trainers from a brand which offers footwear for special medical conditions. Remember closed footwear tends to be tight on the foot and can further aggravate the condition. People with flat feet are also more prone to develop a bunion.

Calcium And Magnesium

Deficiency of minerals such as calcium & magnesium in the body can also aggravate the situation. Adding foods rich in these minerals won’t be enough, as it almost impossible to measure the quantity. Taking supplements which give you approximately 1000 to1500 mg of these supplements daily should help you. Check with your doctor to see which of the available brands of these supplements is best suited for you.


Normally to rid yourself of a bunion, opt for open footwear and ladies should avoid wearing high heels. We rarely walk bare foot; try strolling in your lawn when talking on the phone or if you are into gardening.

Feet Soak

Try soaking your feet in warm water and give yourself a foot massage, this helps increase the blood circulation to your feet, which helps soothe the inflammation.