Causes and remedies of dark circles

Dark circles are emerging as a major crisis to people irrespective of the age, sex and region. It is often due to sleeplessness or disturbed sleep. If one is finding that the dark circles are developing, it is better that she gets herself attentive over her sleep. Sometimes dark circles are hereditary. Genetics plays an enormous role in developing dark circles among the people.

Stress: It has been found that the people who are generally stressed to have more prominent dark circles under their eyes. Again exhaustively stressful lifestyles also contribute a lot to the formation of dark circles around the eyes completely. The tension and stress of daily life take a heavy toll on the skin and since the area around the skin is very sensitive, one falls a victim to dark circles primarily.

One must take out time to relax and stay calm and remain composed in order to feel healthy and look better. Meditation and yoga postures also help in removing stress from one’s life. These are the only ways to avoid stress and thereby the dark circles.

Sound sleep: If one is not getting enough and good sleep regularly, it is inevitable that the dark circles will appear under the eyes. In order to have a sound sleep, one must make sure that the room remains dark throughout the night. Furthermore, daily exercise for about 15 minutes gets the heart pumping, which will help in having a sound sleep at night, thereby reducing the chances of dark circles. Furthermore, going to bed and getting up from sleep at the same time everyday helps a lot in eliminating the dark circles.

Diet: Diet plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy and fit body. One of the major reasons for the formation of dark circles is the unhealthy diet with a general lack of vitamins and minerals in the regular diet. Introducing enough iron and vitamin-C in the diet can go a long way in reducing the eye bags and dark circles. Also one has to watch out for excessive intake of sodium and potassium.

Allergies and hay fever: Dark circles under the eyes can be due to the allergies to airborne substances like pollen dust, pet dander and people tend to rub their itchy eyes. Food allergies can also contribute to the formation of dark circles.

Dehydration: Prolonged dehydration is a major cause of dark circles appearing under the eyes. One has to drink enough water to stay hydrated throughout the day. Dark circle could be a sign of excessive loss of water from the body.