Causes And Symptoms Of Arthritis Joint Pain

Arthritis joint pain is a condition that affects millions of individuals all over the globe each year. The disorder of the joints that is typified by swelling and ache is called arthritis joint pain. This condition of the body is caused when the joints of the body are attacked, and it results in inflammation and pain.

While the meeting place of two different bones of the body is called joint, arthritis exactly refers to the irritation and soreness of one or more joints.

Arthritis joint pain can severely affect one’s day to day life. It slows down the individual to a great extent and rigorously influences his feature of life. This pain is noticeable with the wearing and tearing of the joints and the cartilage is the one that is first and foremost affected by this condition of the joints. The causes and symptoms of the joint pain vary from person to person.

The causes leading to the rise of the joint pains vary among the individuals. For some arthritis joint pain is caused due to injury, some suffer from the pain due to the metabolic activity of the body; some pain is caused due to heredity factors while others suffer from the pain due to the direct and indirect effect of infections. Again some individuals are affected by arthritis joint pain due to the attack of auto-immune diseases. This disease can strike the individuals of all ages.

There are some typical factors that can cause arthritis. While some are changeable, there are others that cannot be changed. The unchanged factors include age, hereditary factors, gender as well as race. Basically, arthritis problems tend to develop after the age of 45 and women are more prone to rheumatoid arthritis.

As regards race, the African Americans have a high prone of developing arthritis. The changeable factors include obesity and injuries, avoiding both these factors reduce the chances of arthritis.

The major symptoms of arthritis joints include stiffness, puffiness, reddishness and the tenderness of the joints. The inflammation of joints accompanied by pain is some of the other symptoms of joints. Certain form of arthritis can cause fever, fatigue, gland swelling, weight loss and even the indications of irregularities of organs like heart, kidneys and lungs.

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