Causes And Symptoms Of Arthritis Of Hips


Causes and symptoms of arthritis of hips A frequent kind of arthritis of hips is “osteoarthritis”. This form of disease is also famous as degenerative joint disorder. The arthritis hip is basically defined as a problem of age, which occurs due to the damage of the joint in hips with the passage of time. It usually hampers an individual’s activities.

Characteristics of the Arthritis Hips

The features of this disease are cracking of bones, damage of the cartilage; pain in joints; feel of weakness while walking.  As already mentioned above, hip arthritis is observed among the age group of 50 yrs or more than that. Feel weakness and pain in joints

Causes of the Arthritis of Hips

Several causes are there which lead to the problem of the arthritis hips. One common reason being the fatness of an individual. Whatever activities are being performed by the people with overweight put pressure on their joints in hip leading to the disease. Another important factor leading to the problem is heredity. If anybody in the family had suffered from the disease then there is a tendency that it would develop in the next generation. Fatness   People who do not possess a good presence put pressure on some parts of the body that they should not do. It may lead to the problem of arthritis hip for a longer period. Past experiences of the people like if they have ever suffered injuries leading to the fragmentation in joints or in their hips often lead to this disease. Here are some of the factors mentioned that lead to the problem of arthritis hips.

Symptoms of the Arthritis Hip

The symptoms of the disease have a tendency to increase when the situation of the patient deteriorate. However, it never happens with the passage of time. There are situations when patient feel better and sometimes they complain of the problem. This might even happen with the dynamic conditions in climate. Feeling pain on hips   Therefore, it needs to be taken into account whether the problem persists on a regular basis or due to some changes in other factors as well. It is because the judgment can never be done specifically. The symptoms that lead to the problem of arthritis hips are feeling pain when doing any physical work, unable to walk a long distance, feeling of hardness in the hips and less action. A patient should be examined properly in order to be treated well. It would help in further treatment properly.

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Treatment of the Arthritis of Hips

Do exercise regularly   The arthritis hip can be treated using the following methods. The patients are required to lose their fatness which would help in getting relief from the unusual pain; the patients should practice exercise regularly to reduce the pain; the victims should try to walk more may be with the help of a stick; the patients should undergo therapies; the patients can also take medicines as prescribed by their respective doctors. If all such methods fail to work to help the patients get relief from pain, then, they need to try out the last option left that is surgery. Arthritis hips