Causes and Treatment of Eye Infection

Eyes are one of the vital and subtle organs of the body. Hence any kind of infection or injury to the eye should be taken seriously else it can lead to various major complications and even blindness.

There are numeral factors that are accountable for the infections on the eyes. In general, there are different kinds of infections like viral infection, bacterial infection as well as the infection caused from other microorganisms. The viral and the bacterial are those infections that are considered as the main culprits of the eye infection.

This infection is a common problem to almost all the individuals of the world. Some of the symptoms of the infection in the eyes are eye inflammation, itchiness, discharge that might become crusty after sleeping, pain, blurry vision, red eyes, swelling of the eyes, and flaky skin around the eyes and so on.

Germs, virus and bacteria are known as the vital causes of eye infection. Although our body is capable enough to defend the eyes from them easily, the eye infection takes place when the system of the body defenses fails to combat the unwanted intruders.

Also other reasons like bad eye hygiene, hand to eye contact and the infections roaming through the sinuses to the eyes are usually considered as some of the major causes of eye infection. There are a lot of ways to treat eye infection:

Clean hands: Keep the hands clean and wash them frequently with soap and water before touching the eyes. It is better not to touch the eyes with hands as hands can become contaminated easily.

Cleaning: The first step to combat eye infection is by cleaning. Dip a cotton swab into the distilled water in order to clean the eyes and do not use the same swab to clean both the eyes. Do this every hour. This helps to alleviate pain and inflammation.

Cold compress: Cold compress is another way of treating the infected eyes. Wrap ice tubes in a clean cloth and put it on to the eyes or dip a clean cotton cloth in cold water and compress the infected eye.