Causes and Treatment of Headache

There are various diseases and disorders having a similar symptom, i.e., headache. Headache is a common problem and almost everybody in his life experiences headache, some or the other times. It may because of the workload and deadlines at work place or the social and family liabilities.

Over burden of any of these can lead to the problem of headache. Sometimes it is due to the disease which causes constipation, gastritis etc. Migraine is also a major factor leading to the problem of headache. However pain due to migraine is extremely painful and is intolerable in most of the cases.

Other causes of headache may be infectious diseases, depression, long term consumption of over the counter medications, indigestion, fatigue, etc. It is a common practice in the society that people opt for over the counter pain killer to get quick relief from headache.

However, a long term and excessive consumption of these pain killers can lead to various other health hazards. The side effect of these medications can have different health complications and therefore it is wise not to go for these medications if you have some better option available at home. The home based treatment of headache is free from any side effect and is easily available at almost no cost or at very low cost.

Henna is one of the best remedies for headache. If you find that your headache is due to excessive exposure to sunlight, henna flowers are very effective in reducing headache. Take few henna flowers, rub these flowers and mix some vinegar in it. Apply the mixture on the forehead. You will get a quick relief from the headache. The medicinal characteristics of apple are helpful in reducing the headache. Taking apple while getting up in the morning on a regular basis can avoid headache. Avoid loneliness and don’t think on the negative aspects of an issue. Consumption of diet rich in vitamins and other nutrients is always good for healthy life.

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