Causes and Treatment of Tinea Pedis

Tinea Pedis The fungal infection on the foot due to dermatophytes is clinically termed as tinea pedis. The common name to this infection is athletes foot. The area between the toe fingers is the main area where this infection occurs. The area between the toe fingers is quite damp and moist. This allows fungus to grow here and cause infection. Shoes Apart from this the places like bathrooms, shoes, swimming pool and showers are the places where fungus can grow easily. In human being the fungus lives mainly on the dead cells of the skin whereas in case of pets it is found on the furs of the pet. As it is an infectious disease, it may spread from an infected person to a healthy person. Therefore you should not share shoes of the infected person. Sometimes you may get infected through the pets also. Itching Itching is the basic symptom in case of athletes foot. The person infected with this disease experience intolerable itching between the toe fingers. Blistering, burning sensation and in some cases inflammation can also be symptoms of this disease. A white lesion gets deposited between the toe fingers and this causes a pungent smell from the feet of the infected person. Fruits Never visit areas like bathroom, showers, etc barefoot. You are at higher risk of getting this infection if you have a low immune system. In order to avoid athletes foot, you should consume food which can make your immune system strong. Consumption of balance diet and fresh fruits is helpful in avoiding this infection. Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil is very effective home remedy for athletes foot. The antifungal characteristic of the tea tree oil gives a quick relief from the itching of the toe fingers. Using tea tree oil for a period of 7 to 10 days is very helpful in curing the infection effectively. You are advised to keep your feet dry and using a powder to keep feet dry is advisable. You are advised to consult a doctor in case of complications. Causes and Treatment of Tinea Pedis