Causes And Treatments For Ingrown Nails

Causes And Treatments For Ingrown Nails

Causes And Treatments For Ingrown Nails

When your toe nail grows inside your flesh it is known as an ingrown toe nail. There is no medical terminolo gy to define this syndrome. It is common to the big toe. Along with the fact that it causes severe pain; there are several complications that become a part of this condition.

What are the symptoms Of Ingrown Nails

symptoms Of Ingrown Nails

If you have an ingrown nail you will know by the sheer intensity of pain that you will experience. It will cause wounding all around the nail and may even cause pus to ooze from the nail. The nail will either be tender or hard but will definitely be discolored.

What causes this issue

Bad Footwear

There are several factors which cause nails to grow in your flesh. The most common reason is bad footwear. If your footwear is not of the adequate fit or shape for your feet then that will lead to ingrowths.

Spending long hours in these shoes will cause discomfort and eventually lead to ingrowths. Cutting your nails too short is another common reason. Excessive pressure caused by an accident where huge amount of pressure is exerted onto the foot is another reason.

How to treat this issue

Soak Foot In Warm Water

If you are already suffering from ingrown nails then t he only option to get rid of it is surgery. Here the surrounding tissues are lanced off and the nail is removed from the skin.

As a home treatment you can soak your foot in warm water to ease the pain. This also helps to soften the nail and the surrounding area. In the case of an infection you will need to take anti biotic to prevent it from spreading to other parts of your body. If this happens you risk your foot as it may have to be lanced off.

How can you prevent yourself

Cut Your Toe Nails

Well, prevention is the best cure an in this case it is also the best cure. Always wear shoes that fit you well. Choose comfort over style. Cut your toe nails regularly, if they break off then do not tear them. Never bite your nails.