Causes and Treatments for Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is caused by the infection spread by germs. These also spread by droplet infection. The main organs affected by are lungs, bones, glands and intestines of human body.

Different types of tuberculosis have been discovered but the most commonly found is the one caused by lungs The main symptoms of these diseases are loss in our body weight, decrease in body energy, mild fever, and loss of color. Impure breathing is another main source of this disease. Any one can get affected by this disease but the chances are higher for a person who has a poor life style, unhealthy food, lack of sleep, smoking, using tobacco, consumption of alcohol.

These symptoms can be reduced by taking a proper, healthy and rich food diet which contains a good amount of fats, vitamins and proteins. Taking a regular morning walk, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking proper amount of water and regular exercise can reduce the power of germs entering in our body. If a person has a week and dreadful immune system is always suffering from tuberculosis.

Hence you can reduce this weakness by consuming fruits like apple and orange which helps in improving the immune system. Drinking pineapple juice on a regular basis can also reduce the symptom. You can also mix honey with amla juice this will also help in treating tuberculosis.